Is opposing wind farms socially unacceptable?

In a curiously ill considered comment, the United Kingdom’s Minister for Energy and Climate Change suggested this week that opposing wind farms should be “socially taboo”. Mr Miliband has the wrong end of the stick. If he wishes to suggest climate changing things that should be socially taboo there are many of them which should rank well before opposing wind farms.

Wind farms are important, but not the panacea to cure climate change. They generate electricity benignly, have a relatively small carbon footprint (but they do have carbon feet, in their construction and in the infrastructure that is needed to build them.

Mr Miliband appears to be frustrated by the planning delays in granting permission for wind farms, under which citizens exercise their right to oppose development. Even so, to argue that those who oppose new wind farms are acting uin an unacceptable social manner is plain wrong. If our Energy Minister wishes to use a policy of creating social stigma for those who act in an environmentally unacceptable way he has to look no further than the mirror. Building new coal fired power stations and permnitting the continued use of old coal fired power stations does far more harm than all the wind farms can ever undo. 

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  1. Robert ….

    I think Mr Miliband likes these electric windmills because they are obvious and look like they are doing something, like an army of spin-doctors…but he doesn’t seem to realise the low profile of solar thermal panels in that they do not really obtrude into the environment as do these wind turbines. …he doesn’t seem to realise that most household end use of energy is for space heating or water heating, that the amount of electrical energy wind turbines generate is less than the amount of energy wasted by electrical appliances left on standby. …I am sure that you can demonstrate the output per cost of infrastructure is much better for Solar Thermal and the fact that it is energy that does not need to be distributed with further system loss.

    PS; I didnt bother to to turn off all my lights today fror the WWF fund global protest, because they are low energy and 18W !

  2. Miliband is talking about Agenda 21.

    If you care for the environment but you’ve never even heard of Agenda 21 then you need to sit yourself down and ask yourself why not.

    Why would they write books, publish documents etc on it yet never mention it to the general dumbed down TV watching public?

    Check out my blog to learn about Agenda 21.

    • Agenda 21 has proved, unfortunately to be a failed initiative. It works only if the upper layers of government allow the local layers of local government to get on with it.


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