Happy Christmas to Everyone

hampstead-london-october-20081I would like to wish all the readers of these pages a very happy Christmas, and a safe and prosperous new year.

I wanted to show a Christmassy picture but the chances of having snow in London at Christmas time are very slim indeed. However, thanks to the vagaries of the British climate, affected like climates everywhere by the forces that are changing are climate more rapidly than ever, I have shown you a picture of Hampstead Heath Extension, covered in snow in October this year. the snow lasted for two days and within a week the Heath was basked in warm sunshine.

Happy Christmas.

7 Responses

  1. Happy Christmas

    Here’s to a low Carbon New Year

  2. All the best, Robert 😉

  3. The previous response “…Here’s to a low Carbon New Year…” I guess your giving up eating, or dieting because all food has carbon in it, We have to remember remember carbon is good just like water we couldn’t live without it! Maybe Greenpeace want to abolish Carbon! Lets Just wish for all the Carbon to be in appropriate places!

    Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year!

    (I am hoping for a Prospera New Year thats my 4 year old daughters name! )

  4. Robert ,

    I think the phrase “be careful what you wish for, lest it will come true” comes into my mind! It was -10 here last night is that cold enough for you! All we need is some Snow and I guess you will be happy! The odd thing I am reading is that Western Australia is currently having a Heatwave at the same time! I would certainly rather be there! Maybe thats because the Australians didn’t sign upto Kyoto? #!
    Isn’t it actually the case that lets say if the Yellowstone national park volcano erupts again as it is predicted to do sometime soon that we will have ‘a year without a summer’ [or more ] the same as the one in 1816 caused by the Indonesian Tambora volcano eruption in 1815. I don’t think in that kind of situation that Solar Thermal equipment would function so well when the sunlight is blocked by particulates? Ruddimans book explains these issues.
    Plows, Plagues, and Petroleum: How Humans Took Control of Climate William F. Ruddiman
    ISBN13: 978-0-691-13398-0
    Further should we manage reduce our CO2 pollution then this will cause the temperature to increase not decrease because CO2 reduces the Insolation so there is the truth, which really is just logical thinking.
    From my reading in the subject I can say that I agree with you, Sustainability and taking care of our planet is one thing that we should be thinking of and doing but causing hysteria and panic and Al Gores dogmatic opinion is another.

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