Picturing climate change processes and understanding the puzzle

It can be hard to picture things of complexity. The old puzzles about how long it takes if three people dig a hole if A works twice as hard as B but C works 30% of more than A but  goes to have a cup of tea for half an hour etc, need (for most of us) pencil and paper to work out. Even then we often do not get the right answer We cannot easily visualise the processes that happen because they are rather complex. So it is with climate change and that is probably the reason why our leaders and most of us have such a relaxed attitude to it. Continue reading

Why are UK energy prices rising more than those elsewhere Europe?

We all know when energy prices rise. We pay more when our utility bills arrive and more when we fill up our cars at the pump. This is real life expenditure, mostly non discretionary for which we have to budget in difficult times when most of us have little chance of increasing our earnings as the credit crunch bites hard. At least we can console ourselves that everyone else is in the same boat, or are they? Continue reading