Brilliant minds and the problems of the world

David King, who was the Chief Government Scientist has suggested that the best minds be employed in solving the major problems of the earth, which he regards as climate change, energy production, starvation, poverty and disease. You cannot really quibble with his assessment of the problems that we face, although perhaps in the short term people are more concerned with the effects of the economy slipping into recession, I think that most people understand that the big problems which threaten all of us in the long term, are those identified by Mr King. Continue reading

What you need to know before you buy a solar system

Do you make sure that you buy the best solar system for you? There is a lot of misleading information about solar systems that produce hot water, and some of it is put out by UK organisations that should know better and are reluctant to share how they arrive at their information. I hasten to add that none of these organisations has any particular expertise in solar thermal technology, but they publish low payback figures as though they were authoritative. Continue reading