Pollution, emissions and flying – why airlines are acting now

Airlines are finding the cost of fuel affecting their business so they are adopting measures to reduce fuel consumption costs. What we have to bear in mind when we consider airline fuel consumption is that airlines are the tax breaks that airlines get on their fuel costs. When we drive we pay for our fuel and the amount that we pay is mostly tax. If your petrol costs you £1.17 pence a litre then 17p is value added tax and 50p is the excise duty paid on petrol..

Airlines (and the shipping industry) are the only major fuel users that do not pay any tax on their fuel and accordingly do not pay at all for their pollution. Of course, if they did pay then the costs would be passed on to the passengers, so it is more accurate to say that air passengers are one of the few groups of people who do not pay for their pollution caused by burning fossil fuel. Continue reading