Why it is better for the environment to run power through cables on pylons than underground

If the new nuclear powers are built there will have to be hundreds of miles of pylons built to carry the nuclear generated electricity across the countryside of England and Wales. This is because the new nuclear power stations will typically be 1.6GW, compared with around 1 GW of power that an existing typcial nuclear power station can produce. 

Once you build more powerful power stations you have to make sure that the grid can carry the extra power generated. The grid will need to be adapted for this and that will mean more cables carrying current across the country. 

You might be crossing some striking and glorious countryside, almost anywhere in the world, and then you spot the horrible steel masts carrying power cables that bring electricity. It would look neater and be better, environmentally, wouldn’t it, if we put those ugly cables underground? Well, no, actually! Continue reading