Good decisions and bad decisions

In life we all make some good decisions and some bad decisions. Decisions that are right are good; decisions that are wrong are bad. In business I make lots of bad decisions but I hope to make more good decisions than bad decisions.


In the strange world of government, we find that governments do not admit that they make bad decisions from time to time. If they were to admit making a bad decision I expect that they are frightened of being criticised, first for making a bad decision and then for reversing the bad decision because in our society reversing a decision is seen to be even worse than making a bad decision.


Right now the government has got itself into a big hole with its threatened abolition of the 10% tax band for the very low paid, who will now have to pay tax at 20% on all the earnings instead of paying 10% on the first £2,230 of taxable income. It must have sounded like a good idea at the time Continue reading