Ice, deserts and the wisdom of the ancients

The vernal equinox has come and the days are getting longer. For those of us in the United Kingdom we can look forward to the weather getting warmer (although you would not think so from the unseasonal snow we have seen over the past few days) and the longer daylight hours mean, amongst other things, that you solar system should be performing better and providing your with more free energy, that the trees will come into leaf soon and the Northern hemisphere will warm.

The southern hemisphere will cool down and theoretically at this time of the year the ice melts will be ceasing in the Antarctic as it moves to a period of virtual night. What seems to be happening at the South Pole is not what we would expect. Part of the Wilkins Ice Shelf is crumbling and a chunk of it – about 120 square kilometers – has broken away from the ice shelf. No one expected this to happen now although they did expect it to happen in the future. Continue reading