Geomagnetic reversal theory of global warming – an alternative view

Traditionally global warming theory goes like this. We are releasing huge quantities of carbon dioxide that was locked underground in oil, gas and coal, by burning it to create energy. The additional carbon dioxide is more than the normal mechanisms of nature can process, so it stays in the atmosphere and acts as insulation stopping heat escaping so the planet warms up. 

There seems no doubt that the planet is warming up, but there are other reasons advanced by some scientists to explain climate change and one of the most interesting is that put forward by Keith Foster. It is a radical theory but one which regards human made carbon dioxide emissions as exacerbating the effect of the movements in the earth’s geomagnetic field. Wow, that’s a mouthful.  Mr Foster is an expert on path curve vortex energy systems. His work has led to a better understanding of how the Universe organises itself. Here is what I think Keith Foster’s theory is about. I hope that physicists will forgive me for the inevitable simplifications that I must make in order to understand it myself. 

The earth is flat at the poles and bulges at the equator – an oblate spheroid. The moon pulls the axis slightly, making a tilt which we experience as seasons. As the earth spins it wobbles slightly. This means that true north and true south at different places from magnetic north and magnetic south.  

The wobble of the earth at it spins causes ice to build up at the south pole with a corresponding reduction at the North Pole, as the planet seeks to get a stable centre for it gyroscopic spinning. The South Pole has for hundreds of thousands of years been getting more ice as a result, but the ice is not distributed symmetrically.

The ice is deposited there as a result of magnetic activity which increases the permittivity of water making it freeze more easily. The asymmetric variation in ice deposits causes a centrifugal momentum which is transferred to the earth’s rigid crust. This causes tension which results in increased volcanic activity. The tension also causes ice to melt.   

The sun gets in on the act. As the polarity of the sun’s main field reverses its electrical field reverses and this causes a reversal in the earth’s magnetic field. There is a similarity to Hertz’s experiment which shows a magnetic field getting stronger, disappearing and then reversing itself. 

So the earth’s polarity is reversing.  Ice at the South Pole was formed by a strong magnetic field and as the field weakens ice melts. The effect of the reversal on the earth’s climate is to release it and the climate warms up.

The earth then has its balance altered and as the magnetic poles reverse a new cycle begins and as the magnetic fields regain their strength after reversal the ice starts building up again and the temperatures cool down. 

In this way, the reversal of the polarity causes catastrophic climate change and there is nothing that we can do about it.

Mr Foster thinks that things like deforestation, excessive carbon imbalance caused by humans and pollution add to the problem but they are not the cause of the problem. 

I suppose that Mr Foster thinks that we are a bit like sailors sailing in a sinking ship. Some time over the next hundred or so thousand years the ship will sink (and eventually resurface) but what we are doing is drilling holes beneath the waterline to make it sink more quickly. 

So, if you do not accept the traditional theory of human made carbon emissions causing climate change, you might be interested in the physics of Keith Foster which gives you another theory to think about.   

8 Responses

  1. 1. The Moon does not cause the Earth’s axis to tilt. It is know to stabilize and limit how much the tilt is.
    2. The Sun’s electric/magnetic fields reveres polarity every 22 years, however the last time the Earth’s magnetic poles reversed was 780,000 years ago. The Sun’s field is too week to cause any significant changes in Earth’s magnetic field much less cause a reversal.

  2. Been thinking the same thing for some time. There is a large part of the magnetic field over SOUTH America that is actually NORTH……and the magnetic field is very weak (note correct spelling) over south america region (and this weak region is getting bigger) now tell me that has nothing to do with the weather………..As to the above we are due to a magnetic pole reversal soon…..with next+or-1000years

  3. good idea, but do some basic research before dishing out b.s. “facts” in the process. how hard would it have been for you to read in to this stuff before writing about it? see Meliss’ comment.

    you do your point dis-justice with those distracting pimples in your article.


  4. Remember your high school science classes? We learned that heat energy can only be transferred by conduction, convection or radiation. Heat energy can only travel to the Earth from the Sun through space by radiation. We also learned that heated air rises above cold air, since it is less dense than cold air. You can not heat the Earth very efficiently by trapped heated air in the atmosphere or above, as air being trapped by alleged greenhouse effect must be. You can not heat a house efficiently by heating its attic. Is the trapped hot air the cause or the effect of Global Warming? It may well be only a insignificant side effect. I’d rather bet that there is a lot of electromagnetics involved that may prove to be related to cyclic solar radiation variation whicht may not be solely related to measured photon transfer or radiant spectral power density.

    • School classes simplify the science. Consider the irrefutable fact that a mountain peak is cold – much colder than the surface at sea level at the same latitude. This is not because the heat starts from the centre of the earth and heats the earth up (which it does to a very limited extent) but because of convection and solar radiation. Solar radiation penetrates to the earth’s surface, heats it (by molecular vibration) and the heat rises by convection spontaneously. If the atmosphere were a closed system – like water in a pot – the top would get hottest. What happens is that as particles of warm air rise they expand – become less dense. And the expansion requires the expenditure of thermal energy, so the air particles start warm at the bottom of the mountain but are cold by the time they reach the top. So it’s radiation that heats the surface and convection that heats the atmosphere. The solar radiation is fairly constant. Some of it bounces out of the atmosphere but if you increase the greenhouse effect of the atmosphere by injecting more greenhouse gas into it (so the theory goes) less heat escapes and there is more convection in the atmosphere, and so the planet slowly warms up.

  5. […] One reader commented on my post about geomagnetic reversal theory of global warming (…) and although I answered his comment, I felt it best to expand my answer here. The reader, Mr Bob […]

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