Planning for climate change

In my post of 16th November I criticised Hilary Benn’s Climate Change Bill. It would not change the climate (except for the worse) and I reported later that the United Nations had looked at the Bill and concluded that this type of legislation would actually make things worse. The following week the government published a new Planning bill, which if enacted would create short cuts to major environmental infrastructural planning decisions. Continue reading

Despair and hope: a hot planet; we did that.

I have from time to time referred to the IPCC and their work, which is a careful and scientific consensus about what is happening to our climate. At the risk of depressing my readers and in the hope of inspiring those at Bali trying to decide policy to combat climate change it is worth recounting what the scientists have now observed.  Continue reading

Snowfall and the tropical paradise for our leaders

It is extremely cold here on the East Coast of the USA and there has been some snowfall. In Maine two feet of snow are predicted in parts and all the people who own ski resorts in New England are delighted that the season has started. Last year, snow did not fall in these parts in sufficient quantity for skiing until 14th February when two inches of snow fell. This year they have moved from famine to feast. This is typical of the effects of climate change. The weather is getting less reliable and more extreme.   Continue reading

Biomass in Lambeth – It ain’t necessarily green

I was at a short meeting organised by a leading firm of estate agents last week. I discussed the issue of renewables with some of the professionals concerned in developing new blocks of flats throughout the south east of England. I asked them what their developer clients were doing about renewables. Continue reading

Flying for the planet

I am boarding an emission creating aircraft this morning to fly to the East Coast of the United States. I should be back on Friday and will do my best to keep the web log going, as I work on the East Coast. 

Flying is universally acclaimed to be a bad thing for the environment because it emits its carbon dioxide and water vapour in the upper atmosphere, where they will do the most damage increasing the green house effect by preventing energy escaping the atmosphere. Continue reading

Labour party donations – Have you got any spare change?

In a democracy we the people permit others to govern us on two key conditions; first they must be elected by a democratic process (however imperfect that may be) and secondly that they protect us and rule for our good. Nothing else persuades us to surrender the personal sovereignty that we have in our free will and transfer part of it to a government.  Continue reading

Climate Change – Mr Stern and the fundamental failure of markets

Nicholas Stern economist and famed author of “the Stern Review: the Economics of Climate Change” claimed yesterday that “the problem of climate change involves a fundamental failure of markets: those who damage others by emitting greenhouse gases generally do not pay. Climate change is a result of the greatest market failure the world has seen.”  Continue reading