The Environmental Law Foundation

If you have an environment problem and are struggling with it you may need some legal advice. Both communities and individuals can get some advice for free through the Environmental Law Foundation.

Typically, if you want to know about the law on fly tipping, waste disposal, pollution, noise and nuisance, loss of open spaces, land use, conservation, habitat protection or even radiation leakage the Environmental Law Foundation can refer you to one of their network of qualified lawyers who will provide you with some free advice (quite often extensive free advice). 

The lawyers to whom you will be referred, are qualified experienced solicitors and barristers, working pro bono publico, for the public good. The Environmental Law Foundation acts as a vetting and referral service. 

It is important that people know their rights and particularly important that people know their environmental rights. We have seen too many communities spoiled, too many landscapes harmed and too much pollution allowed has been allowed to happen.

Sometimes these things are unavoidable but I believe that if the law made the polluter pay for all the costs of its pollution (these costs would inevitably be passed on to the end consumer) then we would live in on kinder safer planet.  

So I commend the work of the Environmental Law Foundation; it is worth becoming litigious to prevent harm, and the Environmental Law Foundation’s work is a very important. You find more information about them at

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