I swatted away some wasps when I was walking out today in South Glamorgan, the day before Remembrance Sunday. I still do not need to wear a coat or gloves. It is another warm day, but the leaves are finally beginning to let go of the branches. The weather promises to be much colder next week.


Yesterday the coast of Norfolk, England was almost flooded. The sea came within 20 centimetres of the highest points of the flood barriers. In the state of Tabasco in Mexico the people were not as lucky as those in Norfolk. Many found their homes devastated by flooding and some lost their lives in the floods. We have always had floods and bad weather, but they are happening with increasing frequency and when they happen they always set new records for being the worst since humans kept records.


We are only forty four days away from Christmas; once we would have said thirty six shopping days but all days are shopping days these days, and there’s the rub. We are so intent on consumption, applauded as growth, that we close our eyes to the penalties that consumption and growth bring. Not all consumption is desirable or necessary and not all growth is benign.