The Diseased Planet

I have been thinking about change; how the seasons change and how there are now changes in the seasons themselves, caused by climate change. The real problem about climate change is that it happens slowly, by degrees. We will not wake up one fine morning to find a massive change in our planet’s climate has happened overnight. It will be a bit like a cancer, slowly growing. At first there will hardly be any symptoms; our planet may notice a few minor aches that were not there before, and perhaps it might be a little more difficult for it to do things that it could do easily in years before. Then, as time passes, the aches will become more painful and will affect its behaviour. The planet will sleep less comfortably, waking in the night. It will find food harder to digest. It will smile less and endure more pain. Of course there will be those who deny that the planet is ill at all, or if it is ill they will ascribe the cause the nature, not to humankind. Like all cancers the first signs will be modest but like all cancers left untreated it will grow until it changes what was there before. Untreated the changes will be irreversible. We still have a chance to cure the disease which we humans imposed on the world where we live. No medicine or course of treatment is without problems, but the sooner we start the more likely it will be that we achieve a good prognosis.