Low Carbon Building Programme

If you think I have exaggerated the Government’s lack of commitment to saving carbon emissions or if you think I have been unfair to them, try to log on to the low carbon building programme’s website for householders. This gives information about grants available for those who want to invest in household renewable energy and to save you searching its address is www.lowcarbonbuildings.org.uk/. You will find that the site is virtually permanently down – just like the government’s climate change policy.

2 Responses

  1. I could not agree more. The amount of money that has been made available for the Low Carbon Buildings Programme is completely inadequate leading my customers to wonder whether the government really has a commitment to renewable energy (how dare they be so cynical!)

    As responsible suppliers and installers of solar technology we need government support for our systems which make a significant impact on the reduction of carbon emissions. If it is cost effective more customers will invest in this worthwhile technology.

    Paul Hutchens

  2. I tried today and the low carbon site is working now. Paul Hutchens has hit the nail right on the head – we need support but why not use a simple mechanism of receipts for fitted solar systems from installers to generate a tax credit? Simple, no problem with grants running out and making polluters pay.

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