Talking about global temperatures, and walking backwards

 I bet that everyone reading this post is mightily relieved that both the group of eight industrialised countries plus China, Brazil, Egypt, India and Mexico have all agreed that average global temperatures should not be allowed to rise by more than two degrees. Phew, it is comforting to know that every major large nation in the world agrees that.

Of course there is no agreement on how these nations should achieve this stabilisation of future global temperatures.  The Group of eight said that they would work towards emission cuts of 50% by 2050. The next six nations refused to work towards emissions cuts of 50% by 2050. Worse than the fact that the targets in emission cuts have not been agreed, is the fact that there is no plan. There is not even a route map to follow. No one has even managed to scrawl some notes on the back of a fag packet that we can use as a basis of a plan.

Yet these politicians who are producing these statements of the blindingly obvious (and in the course of doing so are producing very large carbon emissions as they and their retinues go to and from L’Aquila in Italy instead of getting on the video conference phone) are lauding themselves for having done so.

Mr Obama says that countries have made “important strides”; I rather disagree. I think that they have simply been walking on the spot, in the case of the G8 and in the case of the G5 walking backwards.

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