The Green Climate Fund – Too Small to Make a Difference

You might have heard about the Green Climate Fund; thirty rich nations have promised to pay money into the fund in order to help developing countries affected by climate change cope with climate change by investing in “green” technology. Continue reading

Keep Your Knickers On

Nick Conrad, who is a radio presenter with the BBC’s Radio Norfolk said during a debate about rape and the case of Ched Evans the following, which Mr Conrad’s employers considered to be ill judged and got Mr Conrad to apologise. I set as as much of what Mr Conrad said, because the context and the full statements are important. Continue reading


The Scottish Referendum was a close run thing. The worse the Scots behaved the more concessions they wrung from the rest of the United Kingdom and matters will probably reach a state in which independence will be necessary; it will be achieved de facto, if not de jure. The independence movement was led in Scotland by Alex Salmond, who is a very talented politician. he was First Minister (there is no “prime” in Scotland) and has now resigned from that position. It seems he is likely to become a Member of the United Kingdom’s Parliament at the next election. That seems to me to be very odd. Continue reading

Do They Know It’s Charity?

A number of the great and the good of pop music (I cannot really call them the great and the good of rock and roll) have re-recorded a new version of “Do they know it’s Christmas” as a means of helping to raise money for the Ebola crisis in West Africa. Shame on them. Continue reading

Oil Price Falls and Falls

It is odd that the price of oil falls while economic activity is increasing marginally, while the cost of oil extraction increases and while fewer new oil fields are being discovered. In the case of commodities the price usually depend upon supply and demand, and the producers of the supply always (usually) try to keep the demand high by limited the supply. This is normal economic activity. Continue reading

Le Train

This is going to be a rather sentimental essay, and I hope that you wil forgive me for that, but some things spark memories of this long stored away in the lumber room part of your mind, and so it was today.

I saw a film on television that I first saw in 1966. I spent the summer of that year in France, staying with French families in an effort to learn French and about France. I was barely seventeen, and I was young for my age. I learned to smoke cigarettes, to give me confidence, and learned a little of French and the customs and Continue reading

You Need Somebody to Love

People want to be loved. People need to be loved. They do not need phony expressions of love but a commitment to being loved, and if that is not possible, a commitment to being given affection. Continue reading


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