Fifty Years On

One day is much like the next day; the weather may be different and a person may be different things in different places, but within your body one day feels  much like the day before. Small differences happen to the place which the mind inhabits, and slowly these differences become significant, so that how a person looks, feels and thinks at fifteen is very different fifty years on.

But for all those changes there is an essential essence, which is not definable which remains constant. The youngster walking to school to sit examinations in the summer of 1964 has the same essence fifteen years on when he draws his old age pension.

Perhaps this essence is that part of the soul that protrudes into the conscious mind and directs it, when the conscious mind allows. It is beyond physical direction but can be subdued or restrained by thought. Let it roam free.

It was an odd decision

The passengers of flight MH17 thought that they would be safe in the air. They knew that the authorities go to extraordinary lengths to ensure their safety, especially from terrorism. No doubt every passenger went through the security at the airport, pulling out their laptops, tablets and smart phones, carefully placing their liquids in an appropriate sized clear plastic bag, and walking without shoes and boots through the scanners at the airport. Some were frisked, carefully. perhaps some had a small pair of nail scissors or tweezers confiscated and their hold luggage was screened with modern technology; some of it may have been opened for random inspection or to check something that may have looked wrong on the computer screen as it went through.

So with all this security I wonder why the airline chose to fly of a part of the world where people were fighting with modern weapons. Continue reading

The Puzzle of MH17

I have been trying to get my head around what actually happened when flight MH17 was blown down over rebel held areas in the Ukraine. It is hard for me to understand the motivation that any side in the conflict has for bringing down a civilian airliner carrying passengers far above the war zone. such an act would bring worldwide universal condemnation and would bring such reprisals as would make the angels weep. Continue reading

Bye Bye Carbon Tax

Australia has one of the largest per capital emissions of carbon dioxide in the world. In an effort to reduce emissions a past government enacted a highly controversial carbon tax. Its opposition claimed that the carbon tax would wreck the Australian economy. Of course that claim was nonsense; a single tax does not wreck economies but the overall effect of taxation on economies can make them prosper or decline. Continue reading

The hardest things to think about

You cannot stop yourself from thinking. At best you can interrupt your thoughts and many do when the thoughts turn to subjects that are unpalatable to the mind and distasteful to the soul. The hardest things to think about are Continue reading

The Greater Good and Modernisation

The rich are always modern. Most of the central London area of Marylebone is owned by the De Walden estate. It is immensely rich and it is now modernising the buildings that it owns. By modernising I do not mean to say that the estate is building ugly new buildings in this part of Georgian and Victorian London; quite the reverse; it is tastefully restoring old buildings, converting them to their original uses as homes, and investing huge amounts of money in this modernisation, which will doubtless add to the income and wealth of the estate. Continue reading

No Spoon is Long Enough

Two hundred and ninety eight souls were remaindered yesterday when a Malaysian Airline passenger plane was shot down over the Ukraine by a surface to air missile. There are several suspects for this outrage and who do not know which group, whether pro Russian or pro Ukrainian was responsible for it. Eventually we might find a specific group and even specific persons who, whether deliberately or by mistake shot down a passenger plane containing people who had nothing to do with their cause or conflict and was simply carrying people from the Netherlands to Malaysia and happened to be flying, somewhat in-advisably, over Ukrainian Air Space. Continue reading


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